Bach Cello Suites Praised as “A Performance That Sings”

Critics have praised Alisa Weilerstein’s “Bach Cello Suites” album, which was released on Pentatone earlier this spring. The Guardian’s Erica Jeal reviewed the album, saying: 

“The exceptional cellist’s music emerges with sunlit clarity in … a performance that unfolds at its own pace and in its own space, inward-looking yet confident – one captured at exactly the right time. … There are dozens of recordings of these suites to choose from, but this stands up with the best.”

Leighton Jones of the Classic Review agreed, describing Alisa as:

“An exceptional cellist and distinguished musician, … Weilerstein has carefully considered the path through these works, finding a magnitude of emotion. Weilerstein’s contemporary approach is respectful of the Baroque origins but brings a highly expressive performance.”

Featured as the album of the week, The Sunday Times described Alisa’s sound as “sumptuous” and “emotional… with shafts of flamboyance.”The Washington Post felt as though the performance brought the beloved cello suites back to life, and described the recording as “feel[ing] like a master class all by themselves.”

Speaking to The New York Times about the album and her #36DaysOfBach project, Alisa shared, “There’s something about Bach which is so timeless, and so sublime, and so human, that it’s universally touching… It can make one think very deeply, and very clearly.”

Bach Cello Suites is available for purchase and streaming through major retailers. Click here to listen now.