Performing the Bach Solo Cello Suites in Boston

Next month, Alisa Weilerstein comes to the Northeast to perform as part of the Celebrity Series of Boston.

On February 15, Alisa performs at the New England Conservatory’s Jordan Hall.

On performing the complete suites at once, Alisa has said:

“It’s like Transcendental Meditation, almost, this incredible arc. You start from No. 1, which is this flower bud of innocence, with deep purity, and then it just expands as you go through. I see them as a circle of life, in a way. The first one is childhood; second is adolescence. One can’t get specific without sounding trite, but let’s say the sixth is when you’ve had a very rich life and you reflect on what life has been to you. At the very end, I am emotionally exhausted, physically exhausted, and my brain is turned to mush — and it’s the most wonderful feeling, a cathartic feeling. I love it.” – The New York Times

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